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Junkyards in Pennsylvania 

Pennsylvania junk yards sprung up nearly as quick as the automobile itself, helping residents of this populous and history-rich state get rid of unwanted vehicles and find all manner of parts at big discounts over what new-car dealers charge. Today one of the most population-dense states in the U.S., Pennsylvania's residents are most likely to live within major metropolitan areas such as Pittsburgh and especially Philadelphia.

Find junk yards in Pennsylvania that have the part you are looking for!

That means, unfortunately, that thefts and collisions do occur, which can lead to a steady stream of vehicles that will be parted out and broken down for raw materials. Thankfully, the ingenuity of PA salvage yards has kept up with changes in areas ranging from on-demand parts delivery to complete stock listings on line, even for pull-your-own yards.

The Pennsylvania Automotive Recycling Trade Society serves the needs of its member Pennsylvania junk yards and the interconnected businesses that make up the auto salvage and recycling industry as a whole. PARTS offers a huge database of parts from its member yards accessible right from its website, as well as contact information and how to sign up for business operators who would like to benefit from its education, insurance, and legal representation services. For auto shop owners and consumers looking for a good junk yard to do business with, PARTS member yards come with the highest recommendation.