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Here's a few of the comments we've received regarding our free service to you!

Just a note to say that the response I got from your site was quite impressive.  Serious responses handled professionally.  All the responses I received were appropriate for the request and politely represented.  Very good.
Thank you.

Your site rocks and made part search easy and not stressful as I originally anticipated it to be. I would really like to thank FIVE-STAR AUTO RECYCLERS out of NY, CHRIS for all his help and attention to detail. He is very knowledgeable and his customer service and providing us with all the tracking information made everything workout great. Joanne

I would like to thank you for a professional easy site to locate used parts but would especially like to thank CHRIS from Five star Auto Recyclers for his great customer service and a real clean cut appearance as well. Keep up your well organized site and hard work. Kathy

Thanks, I received several replies. Found part in Texas at best price & is on the way. I will definitely tell my friends about this as doing this one particular project saved me a couple thousand dollars.
Thanks again, Pete

Hi, just a brief note to say thanks for being out there on the web and helping people finding parts!!!  Submitted a request on Wed. night and with a little time at all, had two and tonight was more. Thanks to sending out the request and for best to all of you who aided in this!!!

To whom it may concern, I would just like to thank Five Star Auto Recyclers for there complete professionalism and customer service for delivering the complete front for my 00 Jeep Cherokee on there flatbed truck on a Sunday to accommodate my schedule. That's customer service and will recommend their salvage business and your web-site. Thanks Bob.


What a fantastic service you offer.  I got five hits in two hours for the
part I couldn't find locally.  Keep up your great service.

Thanks you very much for your help with helping me locate parts for my car. Your site was a great help. Thanks and keep up the good work.
Thank You!

What a great service!  The message was easy to read and I received quite a
few responses (web pages to call the vendors directly, etc..).  I will definitely
remember to use your service next time.  Thank you

Success from one yard. Seems like a good way to get parts. Wish they had this when I was a kid.

Thank you again, your site is a valuable service to people needing parts and salvage yards offering their products.

I wanted to let you know I found this by accident, while looking for a local salvage yard, and sent in the request for the part I needed.  Within 30 minutes I had 3 emails from yards that had my part.  I wanted to thank you for this service you have provided and to let you know, your site saved me big time and I appreciate
it so much.  I am telling all my friends about this site so when they need a part, they know where to look.  Thanks again!!!

I placed an order with another company and after 8 days they could not find it. After my parts request with your site I had my part in 5 days. Thanks!

I am glad to have found this site. You have connected me with a salvage yard that had my part 3 times cheaper than in my local area.  Thank you.

I've been a backyard mechanic working on cars for over 30 years and I've always dreaded the day one of my vehicles has a problem with the window mechanisms. My wife's car is a 97 Skylark and I'm about to change the window motor. I came close to sending it to the dealer after finding the 3 rivets that held the regulator in place and virtually no room to see what piece of sheet metal was going to grab my hand from inside the door. I just reviewed the Blazer replacement which has the same setup. Great article. Gave me the confirmation of what I had to do to
accomplish the job safely.
Thanks, Mike