UPC Billing Policy

We are currently updating our pricing structure. Our pricing will vary depending on the parts you sell and whether or not you are a salvage yard or a broker. Pricing will be individually priced. Once you are accepted as a vendor we will give you a monthly price based on the nature of your business.

Used Parts Central invoices/statements are due on receipt. All billing is on a month to month basis, there are no contracts. If you wish to discontinue service you must contact us before the first of the next billing cycle. All new accounts must be paid by credit card only. If payment has not been received within 30 days your account will be suspended until payment has been made. Your credit card statement will show payment to UPCENTRAL.

All invoices/statements are due on receipt. Invoices not paid by the 20th of the month will be Past Due.

If your account is past due your service will be automatically discontinued until payment has been made. If your account is discontinued you will be automatically placed on Prepay status and will receive 30 days of parts requests with a successful payment by credit card or check for each full payment.

If your account is turned over to collections there will be an automatic $100 fee applied to your account for recovery expenses.

If you have any questions regarding these billing policies please use our contact form.