Parts Request Help

Notice: Please do not put www in front of your e-mail address when submitting a parts request! If you do not enter a valid e-mail address, you will NOT get a response to your parts request! E-mail addresses do not contain www.

Our parts request form allows visitors to send a request via e-mail to many salvage yards at once. These requests are sent only to salvage yards that handle the year and make you are looking for. This is done by choosing a manufacturer and a year model from drop down menus. It is therefore important that you choose the correct year and model for your needed part. An example is someone looking for a 1997 Camaro LT1 engine to install in a 1934 Ford Coupe. They should choose Chevrolet and 1997, not Ford and 1934.
There is a blank text box for listing the parts you need.  Please be specific, without unnecessary detail. We receive many e-mail requests a day from this form and many yards receive requests from other services and their own website. They don't care how you wrecked your car or who left the drain plug out of your oil pan.

A note about your e-mail address. We get numerous e-mails per day saying My e-mail address is correct, when they cannot submit the request. They receive an error message "Invalid E-mail Address". Some examples of common mistakes are:

E-mail address entered

Should be


bouncer105 Domain left off
bouncer105@aol,com used comma not period
bouncer space before 105

www before address

If you make a mistake, don't send an e-mail. The error cannot be corrected. You must fill out the form again.  Good luck, we hope you find your part.

Search Help

You can search by Area Code, Zip Code, City, State or by Keywords. The search results will show you all the salvage yards that fit the fields you selected. If the salvage yard has a website, it will be in underlined blue text and you can click directly to their website from the link.

Helpful Hints:
When Searching By Zip Code or any other term, 
you can use a wildcard "%" 78% give results 
78000 to 78999.

Separate your keywords and keyword 
phrases with a space. Place keyword phrases in 
double quotes ("keyword phrase"): 
(ie, keyword1 "keyword phrase" keyword2)