Used Parts Central is serious about protecting your private information.

Used Parts Central does not sell e-mail addresses or any other personal information. When you submit your parts request, your e-mail address and personal information is used only for responding to your request. The salvage yards that receive the requests are prohibited from selling your information at the risk of losing our service.

Many people are concerned about giving out their personal information on the internet and rightfully so. However, when you submit your parts requests, without valid information there is no way the salvage yards can respond to your request.

You will not be spammed by this website. You may receive autoresponders from yards that use them. We no longer allow autoresponders from new Members but did allow them at one time. The very few yards remaining that still use them are "grandfathered" in and have been instructed not to abuse this privilege by providing false information.

A Note About E-Mail Addresses: Your e-mail address does not start with www. Websites start with www. Please don't put www in front of your e-mail address when submitting a parts request.