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Junkyards in Arizona 

In Arizona, drivers have several options when it comes to finding used auto parts from AZ salvage yards. The majority of these salvage yards are located in what this state calls "The Valley", meaning the greater Phoenix area. Those both living in and outside of Arizona often seek parts from this region of the country given the dry climate and condition of the parts. Cars original to southern states, especially Arizona, are in high-demand due to the fact that the vehicles do not rust and the parts are not exposed to cold temperatures or road salt in most areas of the state.

Find junk yards in Arizona that have the part you are looking for!

The Arizona Auto Recyclers Association offers resources for searching and requesting specific parts. Some Arizona junk yards allow consumers to remove parts from salvaged vehicles themselves, after paying an admission fee. Many of these companies buy junk vehicles as well as sell used parts. Online ordering and shipping of salvaged auto parts is also an option with several of these salvage companies. In some cases, a limited warranty for functionality is included, allowing drivers to exchange parts that may not function properly. The inventory of parts changes daily. It is ideal to check with more than one salvage yard for parts and pricing as pricing does vary from junk yard to junk yard.