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Junkyards in Arkansas 

Arkansas is a great place to search for salvage cars and recycled parts thanks to year round sunny weather. Summers are hot, and winters are mild which helps keep cars and parts in good condition and rust free. While some areas receive a fair amount of rain, the Little Rock area gets almost 50 inches of precipitation per year, it usually dries up pretty quickly, keeping rust damage to a minimum.

There are roughly 1 million cars registered in the state and the majority of them will end up in one of the many junkyards in Arkansas, guaranteeing plenty of parts being available for your project car or repair.

Most of the salvage yards in Arkansas tend to be around the capital of Little Rock, the city of Fayetteville, and scattered around the borders of the state so you may have to travel a bit if you are not located near a major city center, a problem that our website can help you solve.

Regardless of what type of part you are looking for or where you live in the state we can help you find the perfect part and in most cases get it shipped directly to your home. Our websites lets you search hundreds of companies for the specific part you need, all from the comfort of your home.

Do a quick search to find an Arkansas Junkyard near you. Just fill out our fast and free parts search form.

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Our Service

Our website helps you find the exact part you need for your project at a great price. You can limit your search to salvage yards in Arkansas or go national if you don't think you will find the part you need in Arkansas.

The process is simple, fill out our request form detailing the part you are looking for and we will take it from there. We send your request to salvage businesses across Arkansas (and the country if you choose) so our auto part partners can start searching their inventory for your part.

Once they locate your part they will contact you by phone or email (its your choice) with the details of the part, the condition, a photo, as well as pricing and shipping information. We will only send your request to dealers that might have the part you need. We never send your request to a broker that only sells Mazda parts if you are searching for a Toyota brake drum.

UsedPartsCentralOur makes it easy to search hundreds of companies in your quest for a specific part.

The Used Parts Central Advantage

Shopping hundreds of businesses with a click of your mouse is probably the biggest advantage we offer. You can quickly and easily search tons of parts brokers without leaving your house. This dramatically increases your odds of finding the right part in the right condition at the right price. We always provide you with the contact information for any recycling business you are dealing with so you can be in charge of the search process.

Having all of these choices ensures that you get a great price. As numerous businesses compete for your business you should be able to negotiate the price down so you get the right part at an excellent price.

Finally, keeping you in control of the search process is a major advantage. If you only want to deal with local Arkansas salvage yards you can keep your search local but if you need to expand your search to neighboring states or across the country its just the push of a button.

No matter where you end up shopping for the perfect part we will help you find a great part at the best price.

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