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Junkyards in California 

California is the world's largest car market with drivers from the winding freeways of Los Angeles to the hilly communities of San Francisco depending on their cars more as necessities than luxuries. That means a ton of cars that end up in California junk yards, leading to business opportunities for members of the California Auto Dismantlers and Recyclers Association.

Find junk yards in California that have the part you are looking for!

Every major city in the state has dozens if not hundreds of auto recycling businesses which are important to the automotive industry to provide low-cost replacement parts and the ability to recycle raw materials to be used in future consumer goods. CA salvage yards not only enjoy a huge potential customer base but also ideal weather conditions that help make running this sort of business easy, especially in the always-sunny southern portion of the state. Junk yard owners need not worry about their assets seeing excessive exposure to the elements, and the cars that come in tend to be free from the rust and salt damage that plagues vehicles from areas that see more rain or snow. Truly the best place in the world to be part of the trusted auto recycling industry, California is a great place to set up shop as a business owner and an even better place for consumers to trade in their unwanted vehicles or gain access to recycled parts for the cars they love so much.