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Junkyards in Florida 

The Sunshine State is one of the most populous in the United States and sees millions of visitors from around the world each year who come for its lush beaches, booming internationally flavored nightlife and of course, Disney World. Florida is also home to a large market for car customization, where classic car lovers and import tuners alike depend on the state's network of salvage yards for parts and recycling services.

Find junk yards in Florida that have the part you are looking for!

Finally, the state is known for good reason as a retirement destination, where older drivers with older vehicles may sometimes want to do business with a salvage yard to take an unwanted car or one that cannot pass emissions testing off the road. Florida junk yards are especially ahead of the curve when it comes to the customer service the state's residents expect. Don't settle for anything less than a free vehicle pickup from a certified auto recycling business you can trust.

Florida junk yards are supported and regulated by the Florida Auto Dismantlers and Recyclers Association, established in 1975. FADRA offers its member FL salvage yards a variety of services, including an education curriculum that is based on that of the American Auto Recyclers Association as well as legal support, certification, and even an online parts lookup where mechanics, vehicle owners or auto body shops can be connected with those member yards who make their stock available online.