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Junkyards in Hawaii 

Hawaii is home to a rather strange automotive ecosystem due to its remote location, yet one with a unique lifestyle and a huge tourism industry. Despite a small resident population, the island state has a huge number of vehicles per capita, many of them black cars, taxi SUVs, off-road vehicles, buses and other special-purpose cars, trucks and vans to support all those out-of-towners.

Find junk yards in Hawaii that have the part you are looking for!

At the same time, if your local car dealership does not have a part in stock, it must be literally flown or shipped across a vast stretch of ocean, leading to higher pricing and wait times before you can get your car back on the road. An ingenious Hawaii junk yard ecosystem has sprung up to meet the unique needs of the state's population, keeping a high number of parts in stock for the vehicles that are the most common.

While you won't find a plethora of parts for rare or classic cars like say, in California, what Hawaii does have is a rigorous certification process for the HI salvage yards doing business within its borders. As a member of the national Automotive Recyclers Association, Hawaii junk yards comply with both state and federal standards set by association member-yards for cleanliness, business practices and customer service.