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Junkyards in Idaho 

Due to a combination of factors, Idaho junk yards are few and far between. Reasons for this include: the state's population, its size, and the preservation of its natural beauty. Idaho is a spread out state with a lower population density, making it more difficult to find a convenient junk yard on your own. The Idaho Automotive Recyclers Association (IARA) has some valuable information on its website but relatively few members compared to other states.

Find junk yards in Idaho that have the part you are looking for!

Despite these things, ID salvage yards still have a good selection of all the different parts you would ever need to fix up your vehicle. It just takes a few minutes these days to look up online what parts any of the Idaho junk yards currently have for sale. Some yards will even deliver, while others prefer you come to collect your components yourself. With only a few ID salvage yards to choose from, you might need to expand your search to a nearby state to get a particularly tricky to find car part. Rest assured the process is just as easy, although getting junk yards further away to deliver to you or your mechanic may not be an option. Check out what's available close to you now.