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Junkyards in Iowa 

Iowa is not the first place you would think about when trying to find used car parts, however there are quite a bit of Iowa junk yards. On the other hand, Iowa’s location can make the market for salvage a little trickier than the yards further south.

Find junk yards in Iowa that have the part you are looking for!

This is simply because of the differences in temperature and climate. Iowa’s colder temperature could cause slight damage to the parts that are held in any IA salvage yards. However, if owners of salvage yards and other dealers are professional and of premium quality, then it is safe to say that they will take the proper precautions needed to keep their inventory in the best possible shape. Another great benefit to the Iowa auto recycling market is that they have a great association called Iowa Auto Recyclers. Members of this group can enjoy a myriad of benefits that include trade shows, dinners, and even multiple academic scholarships. This is a tremendous benefit, especially for a state with a low population. The IAR gives dealers, buyers, and other industry experts the opportunity to market their products, services, parts, etc. with one another and create more potential transactions. For people that live in this area, joining this organization may be one of the best decisions to make .