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Junkyards in Maine 

Maine residents will be quick to tell you they see their state as a paradise rich with history and blessed with a beautiful climate, from breezy beaches to white treelined wintery forest drives to grandma's house. The Maine way of life is a little slower paced than in, say, New York City, but residents value their piece and quiet and have a natural inclination to take care of the beautiful environment they call home. The owners and operators of ME salvage yards know this, and they have responded to increased knowledge about the environmental impacts of the auto recycling industry to improve their methods.

Find junk yards in Maine that have the part you are looking for!

Now, with a little help from modern technology, auto recyclers can re-use much more than just a vehicle's steel, even after the parts that still have life left are cataloged to be offered for sale. To help consumers make sure they are doing business with an auto dismantler or used parts provider they can trust, the Maine Auto Recyclers Association represents the business community at large when coordinating with lawmakers to build regulations that will be best for consumers, business owners and the planet. MARA member Maine junk yards are a great place to start when looking to sell an unwanted vehicle, and with dozens located throughout the state, it will be especially ease to arrange for a free vehicle pickup with a professional driver who pays you the same day.