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Junkyards in Maryland 

Maryland is home to more than 70 auto salvage yards. Many are members of the Automotive Recyclers Association, which is a national group that advocates on behalf of the industry and educates members about the safest methods of recycling the parts and materials contained in automobiles.

Find junk yards in Maryland that have the part you are looking for!

While people in the middle of Maryland have plenty of junk yards from which to choose, folks west of Hagerstown have a limited selection, and the same is true for those on the Delmarva Peninsula. Still, the closest junk yard to you should be able to meet all your replacement-part needs.

Used parts can save you money. Parts from the western side of Maryland may have encountered snow and its associated dirt and wear. Whether you require a clutch plate to get your car back on the road or a bumper for the classic truck in your garage, the smartest Maryland junk yards will be able to meet your needs. MD salvage yards that are "with it" have access to online databases of yards' inventories from all over the country. They can find the right part at the right price, and they can even ship it directly to you. For frugal shoppers, Maryland's salvage yards are the way to go!