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Junkyards in Michigan 

Michigan is the birthplace of the American automotive industry, and MI salvage yards and auto dismantlers have a history that is nearly as old as that of Ford, Chevy and Chrysler. In urban Detroit, the epicenter of global automotive research and production, American cars are king.

Find junk yards in Michigan that have the part you are looking for!

As the city seeks to emerge from troubling economic times, its millions of residents depend on Michigan junk yards to keep their cars on the road without paying for brand-new parts, and to put precious natural resources back into the robust industry ecosystem when vehicles have become heavily damaged or are otherwise no longer fit for public roads.

Recyclers in Michigan have a huge selection of parts for older muscle cars and classics unlike what you would find anywhere else in the United States. To adapt to the needs of their customers, they have adopted business practices such as "pick-n-pull" recycling a cut above that found in other areas due to the fact that all current available car and parts stock is listed online for easy access.

In 2004, Automotive Recyclers of Michigan, or ARM, became the one of the first U.S. state industry association to adopt a rigorous certification program that all Michigan junk yards, auto recyclers and dismantling businesses must complete before attaining official ARM certification. For mechanics and consumers, the association certification means you will be doing business with a company that is in compliance with all Federal and state industry regulations for fair pricing, cleanliness, professional service and environmental impact.