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Junkyards in Nebraska 

In Nebraska, with its lush farmland, wide-open plains and suburban bedroom communities, pickup trucks and SUVs are king. This is not to say that Nebraska residents don't love the Corvettes and Mustangs as well, but Nebraska junk yards mirror the population's favorite trucks by offering millions of parts for Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, Dodge, Toyota, and Nissan models dating back through several decades.

Find junk yards in Nebraska that have the part you are looking for!

In a state that often has more than 100 miles of open space between individual clusters of civilization, NE salvage yards have adapted to new technology by adding the ability to look up parts online and even have them shipped or hand-delivered to your home or mechanic shop, a level of service unheard of in years past.

To support Nebraska's high-value auto recycling and dismantling economy, the Automotive Recycling Industry of Nebraska takes this service even higher by requiring its member NE salvage yards to guarantee many of their used or reconditioned auto parts. For those who do not want to pay dealership prices but still demand good quality, this key differentiation helps set apart the association's members as those that can be trusted. Working with state lawmakers and environmental activists, the trade association and its member businesses have been at the forefront of making sure the auto recycling industry in Nebraska keeps pace with modern automotive needs while being good stewards of the planet as they facilitate the reuse of valuable natural resources.