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Junkyards in New Hampshire 

Despite its small size, New Hampshire boasts about 60 auto salvage yards. Most of those are in the bottom half of the state, where all of the state's population centers exist.

Find junk yards in New Hampshire that have the part you are looking for!

The Auto & Truck Recyclers Association of New Hampshire represents the interests of NH salvage yards and helps keep members updated on environmentally-sound ways of reusing the parts and materials in junk automobiles. This state shares a border with Massachusetts, and many of its residents commute to work in the Boston area. These people's many old cars wind up in New Hampshire junk yards. That fact means you may easily find the auto parts you need within New Hampshire's boundaries.

As you consider acquiring parts from this state's junk yards, keep in mind that New Hampshire sees its share of snow. Winter's fluffy stuff leads to grit and grime on car parts. For access to cleaner parts, you may want to do business with a salvage company in another state. You can also find parts in other states by going through a New Hampshire auto salvage company. Most junk yards in the state have access to a database of parts from yards all over the country, and you can ask for parts to be shipped from other regions. Of course, shipping parts from outside of New England takes precious time.