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Junkyards in New York 

New York junk yards, at least those located within the New York City major metropolitan area, have a history of providing for car owners and the auto recycling industry that dates back more than a century. With the highest-density population and largest total number of people of any city in the United States, New York residents have come to rely on a tightly knit community of licensed auto recyclers thanks to the efforts of the Automotive Recyclers Association of New York.

Find junk yards in New York that have the part you are looking for!

Tighter government regulations here than in most other states help these businesses make sure they are providing you, the consumer, with honest pricing and fair service. Even upstate NY salvage yards number in the thousands, which means you will not have to travel to the city to find the perfect part or find a good place to get cash for your unwanted vehicle. With such tight competition in the state, junk yards have adopted a higher degree of customer service that includes delivering parts to customers or even shipping them nationwide. For its huge customer base, though, New York does have some unique challenges in the auto recycling industry. Its harsh winters mean many of the cars long driven on New York roads take quite a beating. That means those cars may not see as long a life on the road as in sunnier, more suburban states, but that fact alone has been inextricably tied to the development of such a robust New York junk yards industry