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Junkyards in Ohio 

Ohio is home to over 150 auto salvage yards in its 88 counties, with the largest concentrations of facilities being near large cities such as Cleveland, Columbus, Youngstown and Cincinnati. The Ohio Auto and Truck Recyclers Association works hard to ensure that the parts purchased by consumers are authentic as well as assists in resourcing the most usable recycled auto parts possible.

Find junk yards in Ohio that have the part you are looking for!

This association also keeps OH salvage yards aware of changes with the regulating the distribution and resourcing of used auto parts. Those operating salvage and recycled auto parts sellers can join this association and obtain the information provided strictly to members only.

In Ohio, consumers have the option of sourcing used car and truck parts from Ohio junk yards via online directory or by phoning a specific salvage yard directly. These databases are in place for consumers to find specific parts and their locations. Some salvage yards may have limited inventory and may be able to offer a referral to a source that will have the part needed. Remember to ask about limited warranties for functionality when purchasing these used parts. Many come with a short term warranty. Used parts are often sought as a way to save money on auto repairs and stay within budgets for those repairs.