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Junkyards in Pennsylvania 

In 2015, there were roughly 4.63 million private and commercial automobiles registered in Pennsylvania. Regardless of whether you are living in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg or any other Pennsylvania city, you need a car to get around.

While certainly not the wettest state in the country, Pennsylvania gets its fair share of wet weather, which can lead to some rusting of parts and vehicles. According to weather data, Western areas of Pennsylvania, especially near Lake Erie, can receive over 100 inches of snow every year and across the entire state they receive an average of 41 inches of rainfall annually.

Eventually, every car and truck will wear out, be in an accident or simply be taken off the road and many of them end up in the hundreds of Pennsylvania junk or salvage yards. Pennsylvania is not the largest market in the country for used car parts but rest assured there are plenty of quality used parts brokers in the Keystone State that are anxious to help you find the perfect part for you car.

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Our Service

Our website can help you find the parts or project cars you need at a great price and in many cases we can get the part shipped directly to you so there is no need to visit a junkyard.

Our simple to use request form is quick and easy. Once you fill out our form, detailing the part you need, we send your request out to part recyclers all across Pennsylvania (and the rest of country if you want) so they can start searching their inventory looking for the exact part you need.

One big advantage we offer is that we only send your request to used auto parts brokers and salvage yards that carry the type of part you are looking for, as an example, if you are searching for a Chevy bumper, we won't send your request to a broker that only deals in Toyota parts.

Usedpartscentral.com makes it easy to search for the exact part you need for your project. We can help you find parts for cars, trucks, late model vehicles as well as foreign and domestic.

Our salvage partners will start scouring their inventory as soon as they receive your request and let you know by phone or email (its always your choice) the details of the parts they have available as well as the price and any shipping costs that may apply. You can shop a huge variety of suppliers quickly and easily so you find the right part at the right price.

The Used Parts Central Advantage

We send your part request to hundreds of salvage yards and used auto parts brokers, dramatically increasing your odds of finding the part you need at a price you can afford. We provide you with the contact details for all of the salvage yards so you are always in control of the search process.

A major benefit of our site is the fact that tons of companies will be competing for your business, helping you get the part you want at the lowest price possible. You can always review the condition of the part as well as negotiate the price and any additional shipping costs.

The fact that you can search for your part locally in the state of Pennsylvania or take your search nationwide is just one more big advantage that our site provides. In many cases you may find a part that is in better condition at a lower price than local salvage yards, we help you find the perfect part at the perfect price.

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