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Junkyards in South Carolina 

Those outside of South Carolina may not know it, but this beautiful southern state is home to huge industries, including medical and biotech research as well as one of the nation's busiest ports, the Port of Charleston. The state is known for its humid climate and relaxed way of life, but as job growth has not kept up with the national average during the recent economic recovery, saving money is more important to residents than ever before.

Find junk yards in South Carolina that have the part you are looking for!

South Carolina junk yards provide much-needed services to this population by helping to take gross polluting, wrecked or otherwise inoperable cars and trucks off the road, putting cash in hand for owners while helping to take care of the environment by putting recycled steel and precious metals back into new products we use every day.

The South Carolina Recyclers Association represents scrap metal yards, auto dismantlers and those who specialize in recovering rare metals, working with local, state and federal law makers to make sure its member SC salvage yards keep pace with environmental regulations and provide service that is in the best interest of consumers. Choosing to do business with one of these certified small enterprises ensures you will be dealing with owners and operators who have undergone extensive education and training, and those who place their customers above their profits. With dozens of certified South Carolina junk yards throughout the state, you can be sure there is one close to your own area.