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Junkyards in Utah 

Utah junk yards have adapted over the years to serve a diverse set of customer needs. The state's residents love their freedoms, and its small business community would not be willing to put up with the often excessive big government regulations found in the coastal states.

Find junk yards in Utah that have the part you are looking for!

For UT salvage yards, helping to facilitate the recycling of valuable parts and raw materials comes not from a government mandate, but rather because it is the right thing to do. From the cultural metropolis that is Salt Lake City to much smaller communities who often have a very different way of life, the salvage and auto recycling industry seeks to provide Utah residents with ways to save money while doing their part to minimize carbon footprints on a fast-changing global climate.

For the Utah Automotive Recyclers Association, connecting consumers with the best scrap yards, auto dismantlers and used parts suppliers is a matter of passion. UARA is an affiliate of the international Auto Recyclers Union, and thus helps work with lobbyists and lawmakers to support small businesses and consumers as regulators seek to decide what is best for communities and the planet as a whole. For the consumer, seeking out the association's member small businesses just makes sense, and is the perfect way to make sure you are dealing with owners and operators who are both honest and trustworthy.