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Junkyards in Vermont 

Aided by a membership organization called the Vermont Auto Recyclers Association, junk yards in this state that serve the public add up to 15. Despite that small number, you can find a salvage yard near most corners of this mostly-rural state. With that said, those in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom who want to personally peruse a junk yard's inventory must travel.

Find junk yards in Vermont that have the part you are looking for!

Most winters, snow covers every inch of Vermont for a few weeks or more. Along with the salt and sand used to maintain the state's sometimes-slippery roads, Vermont's snow leads to grimy auto parts. If you live in Vermont and can wait a few days for your part to arrive, you will find cleaner parts from salvage yards in regions of the country that do not typically see snow. Many Vermont junk yards are linked to a large, online database that allows them to search the inventories of auto recyclers around the United States. Of course, if you need your part as soon as possible, you can inquire with the larger VT salvage yards. Though parts from those operations may not be as squeaky clean as items from warmer locales, you will have quicker access to the parts you need.