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Junkyards in Virginia 

With Virginia's rich history dating back to the founding fathers and its close proximity to the nation's capitol, the state is home to more than 8 million people. With all those drivers spread out over a relatively small geographical area, the state is home to one of the densest populations in the United States. That means lots of traffic, lots of wear and tear on vehicles, and unfortunately, inevitable vehicle wrecks. Whether looking to get rid of an unwanted vehicle or seeking out body and mechanical parts for your own car, save a bundle by working with certified Virginia junk yards.

Find junk yards in Virginia that have the part you are looking for!

Thanks to the guidance and oversight of the Virginia Auto Recyclers Association as well as the can-do attitude of state small business owners, Virgina residents have access to dozens of auto recycling and dismantling businesses. VARA members agree to comply by local, state and national environmental recycling and waste disposal laws. Their very existence helps consumers reduce their own environmental impact by turning vehicles past their prime back into valuable natural resources. At the same time, VA salvage yards help put parts with lots of life left back into the auto ecosystem, which means fewer brand-new parts need to be produced, further lessening environmental impact.

Virgina junk yards have grown to adapt to the special needs of the state's population, including millions of parts available for the private transportation industry's most popular models.