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Junkyards in Washington 

Washington has something of a dual nature: Seattle is an international transit hub and the state's major port is the second-largest on the West Coast, but its residents nonetheless have a strong desire to be at one with the environment. The state's automotive recycling program has thus shifted to meet those needs toward greater sustainability. The very idea of Washington junk yards and related auto recycling industry businesses today is one of making total use of a vehicle's parts and natural resources, even if it has been involved in a collision or can otherwise no longer be driven.

Find junk yards in Washington that have the part you are looking for!

This deal is a win-win for the state's millions of residents, both in major cities and smaller communities, as they have access to a huge variety of parts for even the rarest vehicles.

Washington has its own statewide industry association, the Automotive Recyclers of Washington, that offers workshops, the development of state industry legislation as advisers to local lawmakers, and a certification process for its member WA salvage yards to make sure they honor fair business practices for their customers and are in full compliance with environmental regulations regarding mercury, scrap metal and storm water, as well as state and federal laws. Working with a ARW member parts or scrap yard is the best way to ensure professional treatment and top dollar for your unwanted vehicle.