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Junkyards in West Virginia 

Salvage yards play a big role in removing recyclable junk from different locations and turning them into useful materials. Recycling metals and other substrates helps preserve natural resources as well as reducing air and water pollution while also minimizing the generation of solid waste. Properly managed WV salvage yards create value in terms of the better environment.

Find junk yards in West Virginia that have the part you are looking for!

West Virginia has a vibrant automobile scrap metal market and most businesses in this industry are a member of the Virginia Automotive Recyclers Association (VARA).

What influences the salvage car parts industry in West Virginia

West Virginia is ranked 41 in size out of the 51 states, with an area covering 24,231 square miles. A state where there is a limited amount of land would mean that disposal of junk creates space for use in other activities. West Virginia junk yards help in clearing the scraps found in various parts thereby offering some cash and most importantly creating space, and reducing the likelihood of such junk causing environmental degradation.

The state is also very hilly and rugged, meaning that accessibility of scrap by West Virginia recyclers may be a tall order. The terrain can influence the pricing of automobile scrap, often areas in rough and hilly terrains attracting less value in the junk materials. The dramatic topographic transitions of West Virginia result in a highly variable and unique weather often characterized by high rainfall. When the hilly terrain is coupled with the rainy weather, it makes the transportation of junk material a difficult thing.