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Junkyards in Wisconsin 

You can find a lot of great parts at the junk yards housed within Wisconsin's boundaries. This state is home to more than just "cheddarheads." It also has about 100 auto junk yards.

Find junk yards in Wisconsin that have the part you are looking for!

Most of those yards are members of Concerned Auto Recyclers of Wisconsin, which advocates on their behalf and teaches members the safest methods of recycling the parts and materials contained in cars and trucks. When you consider getting used replacement parts from Wisconsin's junk yards, remember that most cars and trucks on this state's roads see a lot of snow. With that snow, comes salt, sand and grime. Despite that grime, you can still find reliable parts through WI salvage yards.

Whether you desire foreign car parts or a replacement bumper for your domestic truck, salvage yards in Wisconsin can help. This state's modern junk yards can access the inventories of yards in other regions over the Internet. Due to this system, you can use your local junk yard to find parts from less-snowy climates or to find rare parts. Once they locate what you need, your local junk yard can have your order shipped to them or directly to your door. Of course, shipping parts from other time zones requires a bit of patience.