AC Compressor




The AC compressor is the heart of the ac system in your car. The function of the AC compressor is to circulate the freon through the entire system and without is working properly, the car will not get cool inside the cabin.


The AC compressor pushes freon through several different processes to get the air, it more complicated than you think. The freon has go through an expansion valve, evaporator coil, condensor and a dryer. If the pressure is too high or too low this causes the system to not operate the correct way and you do not get cold air into the cabin. A compressor can fail in more than 1 way. It can lock up from age, the valves wear out and it will not produce the right amount of pressure or suction, of like an engine it can start knocking and rattling, Any of these issues create the beginning of the end for your AC compressor. When you replace the compressor, make sure the used ac compressor you are purchasing includes the clutch assembly. Replacing 1 without the other does not make sense and it always best.


After you purchase the AC compressor using Used Parts Central, make sure someone who knows what they are doing. Not only do you need to replace the compressor, but also flush the system, change the expansion valve and dryer. Then the correct freon needs to be added and the correct amount. The only way to determine that is with gauges that an installer will have.


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