AC Condenser Fan Motor




The AC condenser fan motor is a multipurpose piece of equipment most cars and trucks use on a daily basis and you may never even know you have it until failure shows up. The condenser fan mounts in the front of the vehicle behind the grill. As the name indicates, it is used on the AC condenser coil. It is similar to the radiator cooling fan but usually smaller. Also, because it is mounted on the front of the coil, it is designed to push air through the coil, the radiator fan draws air through. They work together, 1 blows while the other sucks the air.


If you AC condenser fan motor has failed, your air conditioning is not real cold and your car is probably running a little hot. Both of these examples are not good for your car and should be resolved as soon as possible. When the fan motor fails, it will stop moving. Sometimes before failure it will make excessive noise before giving up. Some AC condenser fan motors are removable from the shroud, others are not and the entire assembly has to be purchased and installed.


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