AC Condenser



If you are in the market for a used AC condenser you have come to the right place! Locating and purchasing a used AC condenser is fast, easy and can be done from the comfort of your home or office with Used Parts Central. Never again do you have to travel from salvage yard to salvage trying locate the used auto part you are looking for.


Some people ask, how do you know if the ac condenser is bad? The good news it is usually very easy to tell if the condenser has failed. The most common problem is a leak, that right a simple leak. A simple way to determine if it is leaking is a good visual inspection. Not only does your AC system have freon but also oil. When the freon leaks out it will leave an oil residue on the condenser coil. The ad news is the leak cannot be repaired. The aluminum it is made from is so thin a repair will never hold, you just have to recycle it and move on. A more complicated problem that can arise with your AC condenser is a restriction or blockage. Sometimes flushing it with acetone will clear out the problem and it will not be necessary to replace the part. It really takes a fella who knows what he is doing to first location the restriction then get it fixed.


When shopping online for used auto parts, only pay with a credit card. Never send check, cash or wire transfer.