AC Evaporator



Replacing a used AC evaporator is never any fun! It is hard to diagnose, causes your air conditioning to not work and it costs time and money. Most people have never heard of an ac evaporator, what does or where it mounts in your vehicle.


The AC evaporator is the component that the cooled freon travels through and your blower motor forces air through the coil and then the chilled air moves into the cabin of your vehicle. The evaporator mounts in the firewall and usually is partially under the hood and also under the dash. When the evaporator fails it usually gets a leak. Finding the leak is sometimes difficult, the coil is hidden and sealed inside the housing. Other than some huge restriction, leaking is the only type failure the evaporator will have. Fixing a leak is impossible so the only choice is to replace it. When you buy a used AC evaporator core, get it checked before installing.


After submitting your request here at Used Parts Central, suppliers will email and call you with pricing. Take your time and deal with someone that takes a credit card. The evaporator is small and light so it will ship UPS or USPS no problem. Make sure to replace the expansion valve and dryer when you do the job, it will save time and money down the road!