Air Bag



The Air Bag is an important part of the vehicle that protects the driver and passengers in the  event of an accident. An air bag is concealed in the steering wheel, dash, seats, headrest, door panels and side curtains. They explode on impact and deploy before your body can come into contact with parts of the interior that can hurt you. As the name airbag suggests, it places a bag of air between you and car for protection.


It is simple to determine if your air bag needs to be replaced, it has gone off, in other words exploded. The air bag never needs maintenance, they are designed to last the life of the car. They do not wear out, expire or have moving parts. The only time an airbag will deploy is if the impact sensor tells it to do so. To date, there is no record of the airbags going off for no reason. However, when you replace a blown air bag it can be tricky. If the sensor that deployed it is damaged, as soon as you turn the key on it will deploy immediately. Get help if you are not sure if your sensor is functioning as it should or not.


When using this auto part locator at Used Parts Central, make sure you put in the correct information before clicking send. You will have suppliers from all over the US send you pricing and shipping. Most of the time, the color of the air bag will be wrong. It is easy to paint it before installation.