Air Cleaner Assembly



A good air cleaner assembly is a vital part of the vehicle that keeps the air going into the engine clean and flowing at the right amount. The air cleaner is part of the emission system so it helps regulate not only how the car runs but how clean the exhaust gases are coming out of the tailpipe.


The only reason to replace an air cleaner assembly is if it is broken. The air cleaner has no moving parts, usually made out of plastic, houses a filter and maybe a sensor. When we talk about an air cleaner being broken, that means physically cracked or a piece is missing. If you are a do it yourself mechanic, this is a great opportunity for you to work on your own car and save money! Replacing an air cleaner usually needs no special tools, it is easy to get to and help in with just a few bolts.

After you order a replacement air cleaner, do not forget to install a new filter and record the mileage on your speedometer. This will put you back on a regular maintenance schedule. After you order the replacement part, the supplier will ship it to you by UPS. Inspect it well as soon as you receive it. Because it is made of plastic, sometimes it is shipped damaged or it could have gotten damaged in shipping. Used Parts Central recommends never paying cash, only credit card for your protection.