Air Flow Meter



The Air Flow Meter is located under the hood and it senses the air flowing into the engine. It measures the amount of air flow and sends a signal to the computer to adjust the fuel mixture. This is happening constantly to maximize fuel consumption and help manage emissions.


When the air flow meter fails, you are usually notified with the check engine light located in the speedometer cluster. The light will come on but it will not tell you the exact nature of the issue. After the light comes on, you will need to get your vehicle scanned to find out what the issue is causing. If you do not want to spend any money, places like AutoZone will scan it for no cost. Once scanned, they will get a code and translate that to the part that needs to be replaced. If they determine the air flow meter has failed, you can usually purchase it from them or save money buying a used air flow meter.

The easy way to purchase a good used air flow meter is to fill out the request form at the top of the page here at Used Parts Central, companies will contact you with pricing, warranties and shipping information. Make sure they will offer you a money back warranty and that they accept a major credit card. This protects you as the buyer.  ?