Air Injection Pump




The Air injection pump is a belt driven pump that mounts to the engine and plays a role in the emission system. The air injection pump or smog pump as some people call it forces air into the exhaust before it exits the tailpipe. This helps to lower emissions to meet government clean air standards imposed on the car manufacturers to help keep our air clean.


How most people determine if the air injection pump has failed is very simple, if it is turning it is working. An indication that failure is on the way is excessive noise is coming from the pump. It will start to rattle or sometimes cause the fan belt to slip. When inspecting it for noise issues, be sure the hoses going to the pump are not cracked or loose. Some air injection pumps have an air distribution valve on the back that can crack, become loose or have a gasket fail. Pay close attention because this means the pump is fine and you have a different issue.


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