Looking for a good used alternator? We are here to help! Used Parts Central is a used auto parts locating service that is free for you use, fast and simple! Used Parts Central has a group of suppliers all over the US. When you send in a quote, they go to work locating what you need, then they will contact you with pricing, shipping and warranty options. Most alternators ship UPS or USPS so shipping costs are very affordable.


Before you decide you need to buy an alternator, be very certain it is the source of the problem. There many instances where people do not diagnose the problem correctly and it ends up costing time and money. Most of the time your check engine light will come on when the alternator fails, it does not tell this is the issue but it will signal there is a problem. Sometimes your car may not start but it could be a bad fan belt or a failed battery or bad battery connection. If you see corrosion on the cables where they connect to the battery, this could really be the source of the problem.


When installing you used alternator, always make sure to disconnect the positive battery cable before starting. This protects the electrical system from damage. Once your order is complete, only pay with a credit card, this is the best line of defense against fraud online.