Axle Shaft



When it come time to purchase a good used axle shaft, some leg work needs to be done before you hand your credit card number to a used auto parts supplier. First you need to make sure your axle shaft is bad. Diagnosing an axle failure is normally fairly straightforward. The most common problem that happens to an axle is being bent. Yous vehicle will have a slight to very noticeable wobble. A bent axle occurs if you bump a curb or hit a pothole. The impact bends it slightly and it can not be repaired, it must be replaced. Sometimes, a wheel bearing will give up on you. When this happens it will wear on the axle shaft when it rides and score the surface. Once in awhile this can be polished but most of the time it is not repairable. An extreme case is the bearing will wear a groove in the axle, if this goes on for a long period of time the shaft will fail and snap off.


After you make the purchase using the Used Parts Central locating service, installation is straightforward and can be done in a couple of hours. If you are doing the work yourself, never get under a vehicle until it is properly secured. Most suppliers will UPS it to you for a very small fee. Be selective who you do business with and never ever pay cash.