Back Glass



Purchasing a used back glass for your vehicle online can be really difficult. Used Parts Central can help with the task saving you both time and money! When you begin your search, before filling out our form make sure you have the correct year, make and model of your vehicle. Having access to the vehicle identification number will help some suppliers verify your information.


When shopping for a used back glass, there are a few pieces of information about the back glass you need to know before starting. Check to see if your car has a rear window defroster or not. You can start by looking at the old glass. Look for small tape like wires that run the length of the glass. Some vehicles like Mercedes-Benz have a super small line that is very difficult to see. You can also check your dash a rear glass defog switch. Some vehicle have the radio antenna built in depending on what model you drive. Before you pick up the back glass, make sure the connectors are in good condition, repairing those is almost impossible and they could have been damaged when removed from the salvage vehicle.

We recommend never having any type of back glass shipped, they are easy to break. Search out local suppliers only. And never ever pay cash or check, use a credit card for that extra layer of protection.