Back Window Regulator



Replacing a back window regulator is is a challenge but not then of the world. The good news is Used Parts Central can locate the hard to find part fast and free. We connect you to suppliers nationwide that will outsource your part and get it shipped as quick as they can. Just fill in the form at the top of this page and our site does the work for you.


When it come to diagnosing a defective rear window regulator, it is easier than you might think. A few of the symptoms of a regulator that is going out is hesitation in the movement, 1 side or the other goes down instead of going down level. Sometimes they just stop working all together. Most are electric nowadays but some older vehicles are a manual crank style. The newer electronic version have the motor built onto the regulator so the entire assembly must be replaced.


When you install the replacement window regulator, make sure it is properly lubricated and mounted. If the bolts are not secure it will not operate correctly. Check the small plastic guides to make sure they are not cracked or broken. These plastic pieces are integral and must be in good condition or the regulator will not work or fail shortly after installation.  


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