Bell Housing



If you are in the market for a used bell housing, your vehicle has a definite problem and needs to be fixed right away. Used Parts Central has the tools to help you get back on the road quickly with a minimal amount of work. Submit your information on the form at the top of the page, then your request will be sent to suppliers all over the nation. They will contact you will pricing and shipping information. Take your time and make the best decision you can.


Replacing a bell housing is a major sounding job but it usually is not that involved and most of the a weekend warrior can handle it in the driveway. The bell housing bolts between the engine and transmission. There is only 1 reason you ever need to replace a bellhousing, that reason is if it breaks. If the bell housing gets a crack in it, that comes from getting hit like in an accident or a bad mount.  


Most bellhousing can be sent to you by UPS or USPS. There is no needs to send the old part part, no exchange is needed. Make sure to be careful with the clutch slave cylinder, they can be cracked or broken easily. Never send cash, only purchase online with a credit card or PayPal.