Belt Tensioner



The belt tensioner is a critical part of your engine, without it your vehicle will not keep running and you could end up ruining the engine. Used Parts Central can you locate what you and fast! There is a list of suppliers nationwide that will get the request you submit, find what you need, and get it shipped to you on UPS.


When diagnosing a failed belt tensioner, there are only a few things to check. The most noticeable point of failure is a loud squeaking from under the hood. The pulley has a bearing inside it that is sealed so it can not be maintained. When this bearing starts going out, it will cause noise. If the bearing fails the pulley can fall off and you will lose the fan belt. Sometimes the tensioner spring can grow weak and cause the fan belt to slip. This also will make a squeaking noise. So to be safe, never ignore a noise when you hear it.


Before you install the replacement belt tensioner, spin the pulley by hand and make sure the bearing seems fine. If it is not, request a replacement from the supplier. You might be able to purchase just a bearing and install it. Remember to always pay with a credit card to protect yourself from fraud.