Body Wiring Harness



A body wiring harness is what makes your car run and anything electrical functioning as it should. If you are looking for a used body wire harness, Used Parts Central can help. All you need to do is fill out the part request form at the top of the page, click submit and your information will go out to suppliers all over the US. They will offer you different warranties and prices.


Instead of replacing your wiring harness, sometimes it can be repaired. Have a qualified technician trace the harness if he can and try to locate the problem. If it can be isolated, that section might be repairable. However, a wiring harness can short out or become corroded. When these issues happen, it is almost impossible to repair that kind of damage. Also, some types or auto accidents can damage the harness.  If this is the case, a total replacement is needed.


When ordering a used body wire harness, you are ordering a part that is very difficult to locate, get it right and have installed. This can be a tough road. Make sure you only use PayPal or credit card when buying something this complicated. It is for your protection.