Brake Caliper


The function a used brake caliper performs is supercritical, it is a major piece of your braking system. This is something you can purchase online using Used Parts Central part locating service. This site sends your request out nationwide to auto parts brokers fast and is free to use!


The brake caliper mounts on the spindle in the from or axle assembly in the rear of the vehicle. How it works is simple making it very reliable. There is a hydraulic line that runs to the caliper from your brake master cylinder. The master cylinder forces fluid into the caliper and that presses a piston toward the brake rotor. The caliper has a pair of brake shoes inside it that are pushed against the brake rotor. The shoes pinch down on the rotor and stop the car.


The most common problem with a brake caliper is the seal around the piston leaks. The basic design of a brake caliper makes it very reliable and virtually fail proof. When you are buying online, never ever send cash or check. Using credit cards or PayPal is for the safety of the buyer, not the seller. Some companies will try to talk you into paying with a check online, this exposes any buyer making recourse very difficult if not impossible.