Brake Master Cylinder


Locating a used brake master cylinder is easy to do when the right resource is available to you. The free service Used Parts Central offers is fast to use and will do the legwork for you while you sit at your computer checking your email.


A lot of people want to know how to determine if the master cylinder needs to be replaced. Good question! If your brake pedal is hard to push down but the car still stops, it might be the power brake booster. When that does not work, the brake pedal is very hard to push. If the pedal is mushy, the master cylinder maybe bypassing and it does need to be replaced. Also, if there is a trail of fluid that runs down the front of the brake booster, the master cylinder is leaking. If hat is what is happening, you need to replace the master cylinder.


After making your purchase, have someone who knows brakes help install it. If the master cylinder is not installed the right way, your brakes will fail. An important step is bleeding the brake system. This gets the air out and allows fluid to flow to the calipers.


Also, never ever send cash for a purchase online. Only use a credit card or PayPal. This is protect you incase something goes wrong with your transaction.