Brake Proportioning Valve



When you are shopping for a used brake proportioning valve you need to get it done as soon as possible if you are still driving your car. We recommend not driving any vehicle that is experiencing trouble with the braking system.


The brake proportioning valve is a critical part of the braking system on any vehicle. The purpose of the valve is distributing brake fluid from the brake master cylinder to the front and rear brakes. This sounds simple but the valve reacts in different ways depending on braking conditions.  If this valve is giving you problems, it is equipped with a sensor as seen above that will indicate a malfunction. Also, you might be experiencing the car not stopping as is normally does. Do not ignore these warning signs, get your vehicle inspected right away by an experienced shop that knows brakes.


Once you have determined the brake proportioning valve has failed, use the site at Used Parts Central to locate what you need quickly. Fill in the form at the top of this page and suppliers will contact you with pricing. Remember to shop around around and don’t order the first part you find. Also, when making your purchase, only use a major credit card, prepaid Visa or PayPal. This protects you as a buyer when making purchases on the internet.