Brake Rotor




As you see from the picture above, a used brake rotor is a machined piece of metal. I always has 2 sides and should look smooth. Used Parts Central can locate a brake rotor in just the click of a mouse, and it is at no-cost for you to use.


There are a few issues that can happen to a brake rotor. The most common is wearing out. When the caliper presses the shoes against the rotor to stop the vehicle, it causes friction. Not only do the shoes wear down but also the surface of the rotor wears down. Every time the brake shoes are replaced, the technician will measure the rotors thickness. If a shoe wears down to the rivets, it will put grooves in the rotor ruining it. Also, overheating can cause the rotor to wrap. When you have a warped rotor the vehicle will surge under braking. This is not dangerous but impedes braking and is best to have repaired.


Getting a used brake rotor shipped is easy. Most will go UPS or USPS. Some 1-ton trucks have a large hub making the rotor to large for a regular package and will be to ship on an LTL carrier. Make sure to request the supplier to measure the rotors thickness before shipping. Plan on having the rotor turned before installation.


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