Front Axle Assembly



If you are looking for a used front axle assembly chances are your 4-wheel drive is giving you trouble. Used Parts Central is able to send your request to dozens of companies that will search for your axle and send you different prices, warranties and shipping prices. All of this is done by filling out the form at the top of this page and clicking submit!


Purchasing a used front axle assembly is a big decision and expense. Before making this purchase be certain your axle assembly has failed and is not repairable. If you only have a clicking noise when you turn, the problem could be a spindle failing or a bad axle shaft. Sometimes it will have slack or a clunking noise from time to time. Make sure the driveshaft is tight and the u-joints are fine. If the axle assembly is whining, you probably have a ring and pinion failing.


After you make your purchase, make sure the supplier will ship it to the repair shop for you. This save you from having to handle a pallet the weights 300lbs or more and getting it to the shop on your own. Most shipping companies even offer a liftgate service if you need. If the supplier will allow it, home delivery is usually available but can cost up to an extra $100 on top of the normal shipping charge. Also, never send a check or wire transfer. Pay with PayPal or credit card, period. It protects you.