Power Brake Booster




A used power brake booster is usually easy to locate using the service at Used Parts Central website. Shopping for used auto parts can be difficult if you do not know where to start looking. Let’s face it, the web is a really big place but with the right tools you can get things done fast and easy.



Before you go to locate, purchase and have a power brake booster delivered to yourself or the shop, make sure it is what you need to repair your vehicle. A classic symptom of a failed power brake booster is the brake pedal is very hard to push, sometime requiring 2 feet to press it down. When you do apply enough force the brakes should work normally and stop the vehicle. A good way to simulate a failed brake booster is to try pushing the brake pedal without the engine running. When a brake booster is starting to fail, it can make a hissing noise. This is from the diaphragm inside the booster leaking. It is made from rubber and can wear out over time. Some heavy duty trucks use a hydraulic brake booster instead of a vacuum type. These type boosters work by getting fluid from the power steering pump. The hydraulic type brake boosters offer much more stopping power than a conventional vacuum assist type booster.


Most suppliers will ship to the shop so you do not have to handle the part. Just make sure to pay by PayPal or credit card to protect yourself when shopping online.