Used Power Steering Pump




Buying a used power steering pump is a snap using the free part locating service here at Used Parts Central. We have a database of suppliers nationwide that will receive your request, go find the part and offer you their best deal possible. All of this is free for you to use!


When your power steering pump fails it will begin to leak, make a whining noise, lock up or the pulley will start to wobble. Before purchasing a used power steering pump, make sure you do need to replace it for sure. Sometimes a hose can leak causing fluid loss, the pulley can become loose or it make just need a fluid change. If your fan belt is wearing out the pump may cause enough drag to make the belt slip which can cause excessive noise or under performance.


Once you have determined the pump has failed, use the form at the top of this page. Fill in your car type, name, phone number and email address. Suppliers will contact you will different warranties and pricing. Remember to never send cash, wire transfer or initiate a check by phone. The only acceptable payment is credit card or Paypal. Happy shopping!