Rear Bumper



Help! My car needs a used rear bumper, what do I do? We have people everyday come to Used Parts Central needing a good used part for their car and have no idea where to begin looking. Don’t get overwhelmed, this website will help answer all of your questions with just a few clicks of the mouse!.


Before you start looking for a good used rear bumper, make sure you know what type you need. Some cars will only use 1 type of bumper, others have different model types. A good example of that is to know if your car is a LX, GL, or EX type? Even though most of the car's exterior will be the same, the bumper style can be different. When it comes to pickup trucks, many trucks today have an aftermarket bumper. If that is the case, finding a used rear bumper that matches your aftermarket bumper can be very difficult.


Look to the top of this page, fill in the parts request form. Make sure to have all of the details of your car, phone and email address before starting. The entire process takes less than 1 minute. Once submitted, suppliers will contact you with price and shipping details. Ask for a photo and always pay by credit card or use PayPal. Never ever send cash, wire or a check over the phone.